Flexible web-based software for writing software specifications.

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Specifications that actually help

Write Specs Your Way

Traditional Waterfall-style specifications documents require a top-down approach. This leads to the low-level details being discovered later.

With Spectrum, you can document whatever requirements you know — whether from 10,000 feet up, or deep in the trenches — and piece together your requirements as you discover them.

Great For Agile Teams

As software complexity grows, it becomes harder to keep all the information up-to-date in the face of changing requirements. Sometimes, it gets too hard and the specification gets out of sync with what's actually built.

Spectrum makes it frictionless to update your software's requirements so all your stakeholders always have the a trustworthy source-of-truth. Plus, auto-updating dynamic links to other sections ensures that large changes are seamlessly reflected throughout the whole spec.

Modern Features Plus Paper-Compatible

Full-text search, VCS support and intelligent internal links are all digital-native features to help authors and readers navigate and make use of their specifications.

Spectrum also offers a Smart-Print view that allows spec authors to store or share a hard copy with clients or other external stakeholders.

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