Our story

Stak Digital was founded by two friends (Bryce and Luke) who met by chance working on an ill-fated idea for a new company that was going to "disrupt the tourism industry". Deciding that this idea wasn't worth pursuing and throwing away months of work was painful, but ultimately ended up being an important lesson.

As time passed, Bryce relocated to Melbourne from the Gold Coast in pursuit of more miserable weather and Luke followed shortly after. While living together they formed an idea incubator in their dank garage where their initial collaborative work stemmed from rants about issues in their day jobs. Whether it be technical or social, they would seek to solve the problems using some innovative approach.

Early examples of these hack sessions include Mailmaker (a novel approach to statically rendering emails for rapid turnarounds of EDMs) and Pypes (a CMS written in PHP that enabled simple but powerful customisations to site templates while avoiding the annoyances that are part and parcel of using WordPress and other incumbents.

It wasn't all about changing the world, though. They try to bring a touch of levity to anything they work on, which resulted in gems such as Type With Apps and Split Visualiser.

It has been a few years since then and the principles of their time in the garage incubator have been carried into this business where they are constantly on the lookout for problems that get in the way of productivity and inspiration.

What we do

We provide tailored solutions to fit your every need.


We will work with you end to end to bring your idea from discovery, to creation, to deployment. Whether you're looking for a new solution or you want to breathe life into your existing solution, we've got you covered. For more about our consulting services, visit our consulting page.


We offer several products as well as training and support for companies and individuals trying to incorporate our products into their process. For more about our products, visit our products page.

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